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The Future Fabrics Expo highlights at the Copenhagen Fashion Summit

Since 2011, The Sustainable Angle’s Future Fabrics Expo introduced thousands of fashion professionals to over 3000 materials with a lower environmental impact from over 100 suppliers. The expo helps fashion brands to diversify their fabric base and so become more sustainable, and can be booked for workshops:

Our pop up in the 'Solutions Lab' at the Copenhagen fashion summit highlights some of our 100 Future Fabrics Expo exhibitors:

Ananas Anam, innovators of Piñatex™: a natural, innovative and patent pending new material, made from by-products of the pineapple harvest.

Avery Dennison work with brands and retailers worldwide to design and innovate sustainable branding and technology solutions for the apparel and footwear market.

Beyond Surface Technologies AG: Swiss green chemistry innovator in  finishing processes of textiles achieving lower potential hazards and a smaller carbon footprint overall.

Cradle to Cradle Innovation institute, uses the Cradle to Cradle framework to foster new sustainable products including fabrics, trims and elastics.

Doppelhaus produces sustainable non-woven wool fabrics utilising innovative felting technology and 100% British wool.

Nova Kaeru: Sustainable Brazilian exotic bio leathers pioneer in organic tanning and seamless paneling technology for fish and ostrich leg from food waste.

Orange fibre: Italian innovator who developed the patented process creating sustainable textiles from citrus juice by-products otherwise discarded.

Supported by Avery Denison and Kassim Denim

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