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The Sustainable Angle Future Fabrics Expo


Future Fabrics Virtual Expo

You now no longer need to wait until the annual Future Fabrics Expo showcase to discover new sustainable fabrics and mills. The Future Fabrics Virtual Expo is the online destination to discover a curated range of sustainable fabrics, and information regarding sustainability issues in the textile industry, rigorously researched throughout the year by The Sustainable Angle.

The first iteration of the Future Fabrics Virtual Expo was set up by The Sustainable Angle to extend the lifespan of the Future Fabrics Expo so those interested from abroad or simply those who cannot visit our showcases physically can have access to the sustainable innovative fabrics and materials. This online tool aims to introduce fabrics buyers and designers to international mills and suppliers of sustainable textiles, allowing constant access to specification and sustainability focused information about fabrics with a reduced environmental impact, any time, from anywhere. It provides a sneak preview of some of the fabrics in our collection ahead of the Future Fabrics Expo, through year-round online access to a curated range of sustainable fabrics and mills.

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Sustainable Fabrics Sourcing Tool

The Future Fabrics Virtual Expo is now a more advanced online research and sourcing platform, with increased search capability, and opportunity for direct contact with mills. The fabrics are searchable by categories from fibre type and price, to certification and provenance, and educational background information alongside each fabric makes it a valuable tool for both designers and buyers new to the area of sustainable textiles and materials, as well as those with established sustainable sourcing strategies.

An ever expanding range of individually sourced materials from international mills will be showcased on the Future Fabrics Virtual Expo, which will also be featured in the Future Fabrics Expo, London, alongside many more from around the world. It represents a diverse overview of high quality sustainable fabrics, from organic cotton denim, man-made cellulosics, British wool, and sustainable silks, to linen and organic cotton blends, low impact leather, and woven and knitted organic cotton qualities.

Developing the Future Fabrics Virtual Expo

We welcome feedback and recommendations, so please click here to contact us with any fabric or mill suggestions, or general feedback about the site.

We very much hope you find this new tool helpful. Please do get in touch if you require any more information.


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