Kassim Denim is a leading global denim supplier, constantly researching and innovating new ideas to ensure all resources and production processes used are as sustainable as possible.

Kassim Denim - Safer and Cleaner World

Kassim’s motto “safer and cleaner world” is demonstrated through the wide range of internationally recognised certifications they have been awarded for both the environmental and social positive aspects of their work.

• Kassim control their own certified organic cotton production, meaning they are able to grow cotton which is non-GM (genetically modified) guaranteed.

• Processes and materials from ozone washes to dyeing processes to sewing threads are designed to reduce environmental impact.

• Enhanced finishing processes reduce water and chemical consumption, and cut down on waste water pollution.

Kassim Denim meets the following criteria:

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Kassim Denim certifications:

GOTS ensures organic production at all stages of the supply chain

Additional certifications: